Monday, February 9, 2009

Pakatan Rakyat In Perak Barking Like A Dog - Malaysiakini

Today we are facing a political situation where by there are now two Menteri Besar in the state of Perak. Basically I don't really understand why these whole situations have to happen in the first place. We all know politic is a dirty game. But who ever have a majority seats, they should be allow to administer the state governments.

Why the Pakatan Rakyat want to create this whole mess. If they want to become Perak state government they should be careful in the first place when they just won with a smaller majority during 12th General Election. Why this whole thing have to happen in expense of the rakyat (people).

We all know Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government is doing well but now they cannot do anything because they have to understand that they don't have enough seats to govern the state. We must understand that in this world of political play, if any of the party don't have enough majority seats, it is impossible for them to become an administer in their country or state.

Datuk Seri Nizar refused to resign when asked to do so by the Sultan, sparking the state's biggest ever political crisis. At the moment he is still fighting for his rights. If we look back at the articles used by Sultan of Perak, it seems that the Sultan has used it in the right way. (Please refer the articles here).

If Datuk Seri Nizar still insists that he is doing the right things that mean he is guilty of treason. A treason against the Sultan of Perak and against the Article XVIII (2)(b) and Article XVI(6). So now who is the person that we should argue is right or wrong ? The Sultan of Perak, the Assemblyperson, Pakatan Rakyat, Barisan Nasional, Datuk Seri Najib or Datuk Seri Anwar ?

I'm not going to argue who is right or who wrong but one thing for sure, I still can remember when the BOTA assemblyman cross over to Pakatan Rakyat, most of the Pakatan leaders in Perak and Datuk Seri Anwar issue a statement that there would be more Barisan Nasional assemblypersons are going to cross over to Pakatan but it turn out to be the other way round.

Why people in the Perak state can accept when the Barisan Nasional assemblyperson cross over to Pakatan Rakyat and now they can't accept that when the Pakatan Rakyat assemblypersons were crossing over to become independent and supported Barisan Nasional ? Why do all the BARKING all over the country in the first place and now can't even get their assemblyperson right to stay on course with Pakatan Rakyat ?

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arman said...

....we can accept cross over with principles...not cross over/bought over/threatened like what Najib has done to that 3 traitors.!!