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Clarification needed from Teresa Kok on mishandling of donations

27 April 2012
Press Statement by MCA Youth Auditor Dr Ching Eu Boon
Clarification needed from Teresa Kok on mishandling of donations
I urge the Member of Parliament for Seputeh, Teresa Kok to explain the recent allegations on her misuse of donations reported by her former assistant, Tony Tan, and to disclose information of the donation proceedings to the public.
DAP should conduct a clear and thorough investigation on this matter and if the allegations prove true, immediate appropriate actions must be taken to dispose of any ugly corruption in the party in order to keep their portrayed image of a clean, honest and transparent party as they claimed to be.
Yesterday, Tony Tan, accompanied by Member of Parliament Tan Tee Beng reported Teresa Kok to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission and provided documentations that suggested mishandling of the donation funds. For example, half of the RM10,000 donation for the Single Parents NGO by a Sabah businessman, was allegedly channeled into party funds.
The allegations have severely tarnished her reputation as a Member of Parliament and pose a challenge to DAP’s claims in combating power abuse.
As we all know, DAP has previously held fund-raising events which generated numerous donations from the people. However, the proceedings of the funds are often undisclosed to the public, raising speculation on the recipient of these funds.
According to previous media reports, DAP Penang once sparked an “RM500 to RM50” controversy. During its 45th Anniversary Dinner, they pledged to donate RM3000 to 6 individuals from the poor, each of them receiving RM500 respectively. The next day, suspicions were raised as the 6 individuals received RM50 instead of the supposed RM500 as reported by the media reports.
Prior to this, we have all heard of DAP’s fund-raising events and donations to the public. However, the actual amount the beneficiaries received do not match with the supposed amount DAP claimed to donate. This is raising questions and suspicions of the public and generous donors.
Dr Ching Eu Boon
MCA Youth Auditor

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