Thursday, July 2, 2009


Hindraf plans protests outside DAP offices in six States at 4pm over the High Chaparral issue.As it stands, the residents are pissed off with their ADUN lawyer RSN Rayer. He tried to give some excuse saying he is standing with them or something. They are also accusing the state government of not doing anything, not caring about them, just like the previous government.
HINDRAF is planning a series of protests at DAP offices throughout the country. That speaks something for their impartiality. At least they step on everyone’s toes once in a while. But it remains to be seen if they can get an estimated 10,000 people at KOMTAR this week. Probably less than half of that is my estimate.
Question also arise if the Indians in DAP will stand with HINDRAF or with Penang state government. My guess is party comes first for them. How about those in PKR ? - no news from Manikavasagam, Sivarasa or Gopalakrishnan so far.
MIC should be having good time seeing the misery of DAP/PKR, but I’m not sure what they themselves are doing to solve the problem as well. It was their partners who caused all this problem in the first place. Which makes them, what, partners-in-crime?
The role of the previous state government who caused all this headache for current state government should not be forgotten.

Can the state government buy back the land from the people it sold to? Probably not if it the buyers got it over some dubious and nominal fees, thus standing to make a large amount of money.

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